JYP just confirmed Nizi Project’s debut team, group name

NiziU, it’s supposed to be ‘Need You’ in English

Those are the confirmed 9 members

original post: theqoo

1. Is this a younger version of TWICE? Why do I have a hunch that they will be active in Korea?

2. I think this is unnecessary, BTS and TWICE are doing well in Japan, so why do they want to raise Japanese idols with the Kpop system? I think Japanese groups like NiziU only do well in the Japanese market..

3. It really feels like a TWICE inspired group… Like a younger version

4. Are they all Japanese? Why would Japanese people use Kpop know-how to debut? I feel like they will become a threat to Kpop in the future…

5. Why do Korean companies want to raise Japanese kids in K-pop style ?? I think Japanese kids want to be K-Pop idolsㅋㅋ J-Pop is always jealous of K-Pop

6. Wow they make up in Korean style, so it looks like a Korean group

7. Is this J-pop or K-pop?

8. They are so popular in Japan right now, but I wonder if they are active in Korea, they only sing Korean songsㅋㅋ

9. Do they have any activities in Korea?

10. They’re all pretty kids, why are they giving them such countrified clothes…

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