JYP Park Jin Young’s Instagram update (regarding Stray Kids)

“The company staffs gather our heads together to come up with the theme for the next Skz album but when we hear the songs they wrote, we just say “Let’s go with that!”

The creative ability of these guys are for real. They come up with the theme, the name, lyrics, melody, track of most of their songs. That’s why I’m confident about their future. These guys are REAL!!”

original post: theqoo

1. They have no conscience

2. It’s ridiculous that he keeps saying personality.. Money is the best for him

3. Now he can’t talk about personality, I guess he’ll just talk about creativity…

4. I like this song

5. Isn’t this a group with a school bully member?

6. Soojin, JYP suits you so well

7. Hyunjin also wrote the lyrics? What field is he good at? Is there any reason for JYP to keep him other than his popularity?

8. The song isn’t good and their skills aren’t good either, so why is he exaggerating it?

9. In the future, he can’t say that he looks at personality more than skills

10. These guys, even if they do as well as BTS, I can’t really support them