JYP side “The incident of leaking personal information of TWICE Dahyun at the airport … Legal action regarding the distribution of personal information”

JYP releases statement on the leak of TWICE Dahyun's personal information

On December 29, 2019, TWICE’s Dahyun passport was flashed towards the cameras while an airport attendant was checking and flipping through her passport.

JYP Entertainment has released a statement regarding TWICE’s Dahyun and her personal information being exposed at the airport on December 29.

“Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

Today in the morning at the airport, member Dahyun’s personal information including her unique identification number such as her resident registration number was filmed, leaked, and spread online.

Leaking and spreading personal information is against the Personal Information Protection Act and other laws, and we ask you to immediately stop spreading such information.

We will be taking legal action in accordance with the law regarding the distribution of Dahyun’s private information.

Thank you.”

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1. [+4165, -357] It was the fault of TWICE’s camera fans, who circulated it. ONCE, let’s not blame the airport staff.

2. [+1945, -66] Camera fans chasing idols at the airport and acting too rude, Camera fans are not fans but stalkers.

3. [+1382, -168] The one who leaked it was wrong. Do you know how many people an airport worker sees in a day? Why are you cursing the staff?

4. [+914, -241] ONCE don’t blame the airport staff. I hope Dahyun will no longer be harmed by her personal information being leaked.

5. [+621, -157] The airport is not a place for celebrities, so there’s no obligation to consider their speciality. If you’re so unhappy with it, fans, make money to build TWICE airport.

6. [+512, -213] What was the airport staff wrong? Why do you blame the airport staff?

7. [+293, -85] Why are you cursing the airport staff? That’s a weird fandom.

8. [+242, -44] I think what you do for airport staff is more problematic than your passport. Wow … it’s really fierce. I feel bad for airport staff. She was just doing her job, as soon as she opened the passport, she covered it with her hand, but Dahyun made a fierce face, and walked away without saying hello, I thought it was too much. The fan who took the pictures and circulated them was wrong. What’s wrong with the airport staff?

9. [+199, -28] Let’s hope the leaked personal information won’t be misused!

10. [+170, -28] The airport staff was just doing her job, who’s responsible for the leak of the airport staff’s face?

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