JYP side, alleged school bullying victim of ITZY’s Lia ‘A’ cleared of defamation charges → “It’s hard to accept the results”

JYP Entertainment told Newsen on June 13:

“We have heard about the results through the news and are trying to figure out the progress.
However, it is difficult to accept the results as they are.
We will decide how to respond when the process is clearer.”

Alleged school bullying victim of ITZY’s Lia previously accused Lia of bullying her friend and subsequently her through borrowing money without returning and verbal abuse. To which JYP Entertainment released a statement denying it, and took legal action against the alleged victim, hereafter mentioned as A.

However, after investigations on A, the police concluded that it will be difficult to charge A for defamation as there are no clear evidence to prove A falsely wrote the article, or A wrote it with the purpose of slander. cr

original post: theqoo

1. It’s hard for the public to accept ITZY now

2. What will they do if they don’t even trust the police?

3. Are they suing the victim? Crazy…

4. JYP is really scary

5. Disgusting

6. That’s why I hate Park Jin Young who pretends to be kind

7. Looking at JYP’s statement, I guess they won’t kick Lia out

8. JYP is shameless

9. You mean you don’t trust the police investigation?ㅋ

10. An agency that doesn’t trust the police

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