‘School violence’ Stray Kids’ Hyunjin resumes activities with new single… JYP “Reflecting through donation and volunteering during a break”

On June 26, JYP Entertainment made an official statement on Hyunjin’s future activities with Stray Kids and his bullying controversy. The label stated:

“Regarding the past times in middle school where he gave people around him wounds due to his rough language. In February, he met with the people who could confirm their identities and apologized, resolving the misunderstandings, and they have agreed to cheer each other on in the future.

Hyunjin has since been reflecting on the past, and in order to look back on himself, he had stopped his promotions as a member of Stray Kids. During that period, he took the time to continue the volunteer activities and donations that he has been carrying out since the early days of his debut.

Hyunjin, who sends his greetings through this digital single, will be joining Stray Kids in July for their schedules, and he is determined to show how he will promote with a more upright attitude and maturity.” cr

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1. I’ve never listened to any of their songs before, and I will skip their songs in the future

2. Shameless

3. JYP is crazy and has no conscienceㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. He’s the most popular member, so they can’t kick him outㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. Just retire, I don’t want to see him anymore

6. Volunteer activities and donations..? What did he do for the victim?

7. What do donating and volunteering have to do with the victims?

8. He’s a guy who only bullies girls. I hate him so much

9. Will donating or volunteering while resting make the past go away? Well..

10. I feel sorry for the victims

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