JYP “Yun Seo Bin, terminated the contract according to the company’s policy … leave Produce X 101”

JYP terminates contract with Yun Seo Bin + leave Produce X 101

The official statement from JYP Entertainment:

Hello, this is JYP Entertainment.

This is an official statement regarding trainee Yun Seo Bin.

After determining that the policies of JYP Entertainment are not being followed, we have decided to terminate the contract of trainee Yun Seo Bin, who is currently appearing on Mnet’s ‘Produce X 101.’ As a result, he will also be leaving the program.

original post: naver

1.[+4778, -84] JYP, you are wiser than the real drugstore.

2. [+3255, -9] That’s the result you get when you have done something bad. He harassed friends at school. He may have avoided being punished by law, but all have returned.

3. [+2517, -12] Good news to be left as a good precedent among teenagers

4. [+2227, -4] Well, I saw some articles saying that although he went out with a group of people and did nothing bad, but JYP did very well, they saw the image of him wearing a uniform and smoking, and they fired him immediately.

5. [+1836, -17] Are you brave enough to try to become a celebrity in front of classmates? Let’s talk straight about this, it’s not a dismissal, it’s a deportation! It was a good decision to prevent a human being from becoming Jung Joon Young.

6. [+368, -4] Park Jinyoung said, “No matter how good I am, I don’t want to help people with bad personalities succeed. Even if I’m not good enough, I want to give the kids who are good at it and try to help them succeed.”

7. [+305, -5] Celebrities don’t have to be saints, but they don’t have a history of bullying their friends. Even if it is true that drinking and smoking can be true, it is natural that school violence will not be forgiven and celebrity career will be blocked.

8. [+288, -1] I really don’t understand these kids. He forgot what he did in the past. How no one knows you when you’re on the air? JYP is really wise.