JYP’s Japanese Girl Group NIZI (Nizi Project)

JYP's Japanese Girl Group NIZI (Nizi Project)

Park Jinyoung said “if the first stage of k-pop is to export Korean content to foreign countries and the second stage is to seek foreign talents and combine them with Korean singers (e.g. 2PM’s Nickhun), the 3rd stage will directly produce and nurture talent from abroad.” He intends the Nizi Project to be the 3rd stage of Kpop.

Eligibility: Japanese female from 15~22 years old

Goal: Main activities in Japan and activities around the world including Korea

Season 2: If the first project is successful, the next step will be a boy group version.

  1. From May 1 to August 8, the audition will be held in 8 Japanese cities + Hawaii and LA for a total of 10 locations.
  2. 20 participants will be selected from the first audition and a reality show will determine the results starting in October.
  3. 20 participants will be trained in dancing, singing, bodybuilding, etc. at JYP Training Center in Korea. To prepare for their promotions, they will train for 6 months.
  4. In April 2020, the final members will be announced on broadcast
  5. In November 2020, they will have their major debut with Sony Music Label
  6. The task force has already been set in place “NIZI Project”

“The group aims to become a global group that can play an active role not only in Japan but also around the world.”

original post: theqoo

1. At this time ..? What?

2. It’s the same for both Mnet and JYP, and should you use Japanese children?

3. What is he doing to label Kpop for Japan? Does he only work in Japan?

4. Don’t promote in Korea.

5. I wish he could stop now.

6. I heard that it was announced a few months ago.

7. I really hate it.

8. I think this post was posted at the beginning of the year, but I think it was postponed because the situation was not good.

9. Now it is difficult to get a good response in Korea.

10. I really don’t like it … Park Jinyoung always thinks that he thinks differently.

11. If you are Japanese or a non-Korean group, it will be J-pop. Your agency is also Sony.

12. A decade ago, he came to the U.S and now he is going to Japan. He is like an opportunist. I think he will fail again.

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