JYP’s official statement “Hyunjin met with the exposer and apologized”

“First, we would like to apologize to many of those who felt discomfort due to the negative news involving Stray Kids’s Hyunjin. We also ask for your understanding in our belated statement, as it took time to investigate the matter as accurately as possible through various sources.

After the issue first arose, JYP Entertainment contacted various former classmates, teachers, and other affiliates of the school; after receiving permission, we also personally met up with the initial accuser.

Once we collected the testimonies of various individuals affiliated with this incident, there was a level of difficulty in confirming the complete truth behind the initial accusation post, due to the fact that individuals gave differing accounts based on their memories.

Nonetheless, it is true that there are individuals who were hurt by Hyunjin’s past immature and inappropriate actions, and Hyunjin is also currently deeply regretting his past behavior, and so he personally met up with his former classmates to offer his sincerest apologies.

We would like to once again thank Hyunjin’s former classmates for accepting his sincere apologies, for their willingness to resolve the issue peacefully, and for cheering on Hyunjin’s future promotions.

We would also like to take this opportunity to apologize to any former classmates whom we were unable to contact, as well as any who felt they were hurt by Hyunjin’s words in the past.

Hyunjin has resolved to always reflect on his past behaviors and cultivate better character, and JYP Entertainment also plans on doing our best to guide our artists in their moral paths.

Finally, we ask that you refrain from the spread of any more false rumors or speculative posts online, and we promise to place greater attention to aspects of our artist/trainee selection process which we carried out poorly in the past. Thank you.” cr

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1. Don’t appear on TV in the future and just withdraw

2. Not the exposer, but the victim

3. The exposerㅋㅋ I can see how the agency thinks about the victims.. JYP is crazy

4. Meet the exposer and apologize. That’s really disgusting. It’s the victim. You shouldn’t use words that hurt the victim again

5. I don’t want to see him anymore, seriously

6. The exposer…..????????

7. Just withdraw

8. The exposer? Seriously, I want you to withdraw

9. Why are you apologizing to the exposer?

10. I’m too disappointed with JYP…

Stray Kids Hyunjin’s handwritten apology

“Hello, this is Stray Kids’s Hyunjin.

First, I sincerely apologize to those who were hurt by my inappropriate comments during my school days. When I look back on myself and on my actions during a time when I was immature, I feel ashamed. I have no grounds for excuses. I have now realized that as someone who did know how to respect others in the past, my words and actions deeply hurt others. I am much too late, but I intend to deeply reflect on my actions.

Whether there was any intention or not, I believe that it is unforgivable to inflict harm on another to such a degree that they could not overcome the traumas of those scars. I know that just because I apologized and they accepted my apology, it does not mean that the scars that I created have disappeared; because of that, I am reflecting sincerely.

Although I am in no position to, I would still like to thank those who gave me the opportunity to belatedly apologize in person, and also through this message, for my past mistakes. To those whom I was not able to meet in person with, but who nonetheless felt hurt by my inappropriate behaviors in the past, I offer my apologies through this letter.

Finally, I apologize for disappointing so many people who cheered me on and supported me.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. Is he the most popular member in Stray Kids so he couldn’t be kicked out of the group?

2. However, this is the first apology among the idols accused of being bullies, of course, it’s important to see what the victim says afterwards

3. In the end, he chose a path where he would be cursed for life, I feel bad for the fans

4. Please leave the group, please

5. In the future, I hope that you will reflect on it and not harm the team or the company

6. Just withdraw

7. I don’t want to see you, so please retire

8. Withdraw.. Please let the rest of the members live..

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