JYP’s rookie female idol Sullyoon says she was cast by all 3 big agenciesㄷㄷ

JYP’s rookie female idol Sullyoon (her real name is Seol YoonAh)

Her childhood photos

original post: theqoo

1. She’s a mix of Tzuyu and Sana, she’s so pretty

2. Wow~ It would have been weird if she hadn’t been cast

3. I like her visuals, it’s the Korean version of Tzuyu

4. She looks like Nakyung from Fromis 9

5. Wow, this is the first time since I saw Suzy, I admired Sullyoon’s visuals as soon as I saw her

6. She’s so f*cking pretty, this is my first time seeing a girl and my heart flutters

7. The visuals of JYP female idols are always amazing

8. She’s so pretty, I think she’ll be so popular when she debuts

9. She was born to be a celebrity

10. She will definitely be the center of the girl group