K-Pop group who stood on stage at the 4 biggest music awards ceremonies in the US


62nd Grammy Music Awards

Billboard Music Awards 2018

Billboard Music Awards 2019

American Music Awards 2017

MTV Music Video Awards 2020
The first stage will be revealed on August 30

original post: theqoo

1. As a Korean, I’m so proud of BTS

2. I’m not surprised.. This is normal for BTS

3. Wow they’re gonna perform ‘Dynamite’ at VMAs! Can’t wait

4. VMAs is a big awards ceremonyㄷㄷ BTS is amazing.. I think there will be no group like BTS in Korea in the future

5. BTS rewrites not only the history of Korean music, but also in the history of world music… I can’t imagine how BTS had to endure when they were the ones paving the way, I thank BTS for making it easier for Korean and Asian artists to enter the US music market

6. BTS are living legends

7. As expected, BTS is the best in the world

8. I can’t forget the DNA stage at AMA ㅠㅠ

9. Is this what the British people felt when The Beatles sweep the world?BTS is awesome… I’m not a fan, but I’m proud of them

10. BTS is legendary

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