K-Pop industry insiders “DSP is at a disadvantage in court”

These insiders pointed out that regardless of whether an actual bullying took place or not, DSP Media as an agency carries the full responsibility of resolving all and any complications involving their managing artists. Hence, the insiders claim, the agency’s utter failure to correctly handle the alleged tension among the members is going to play a key role in driving the case to DSP Media’s defeat.

One anonymous idol management professional added, “Generally, all entertainment agencies are required by contract to provide quality management for their signed artists.” And because physical and mental care falls under what defines quality management, DSP Media would technically be at fault for the “difficult times” mentioned in both the former member’s and the agency’s statements.

Plus, this professional revealed, DSP Media could be held responsible for the violation of the South Korean Youth Protection Act. In 2014, when the alleged bullying took place, the former member was only 16 years old — making her a minor. And as a minor, she should have been protected by the agency. Thus, if it becomes evident that DSP Media lacked to provide the proper care for the minor, the agency would likely be at a tremendous disadvantage during the trial. cr

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1. Hyunjoo fighting

2. Hyunjoo fighting!! I hope that agency and group will be ruined

3. She tried to commit suicide, so she got the hospital’s diagnosis and other evidenceㅋㅋㅋ

4. Hyunjoo-ah, get out of that agency

5. I support you, Hyunjoo

6. They sued Hyunjoo?????? Crazy

7. Please apologize to Hyunjoo properly and close the agency, gangsters..

8. The agency suing their artist????? Wow…. DSP is trash…

9. I’m not a fan, but I hope that Hyunjoo will be happy in the future. I’ll always support you!

10. I hope Hyunjoo wins

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