K-pop is shaking the US market?

BTS, BLACKPINK, MONSTA X, NCT 127, Seventeen, TWICE are showing the power of ‘K-Pop’ with outstanding results in the US market. But is K-Pop really shaking the US market?

original post: theqoo

1. I’m glad both BTS and BLACKPINK are doing well, why are you guys comparing? I hope they make lots of foreign currencies!

2. BLACKPINK is good, but it’s hard for them to succeed in the US because they don’t compose their own songs.. I can confirm that BTS has succeeded in the US. The important thing is that BTS composed their own songs and conveyed their message to the world.. BTS is different from existing K-pop groups.

3. I’m a fan of both BTS and BLACKPINK, but to be honest, in the US and European markets, there’s no denying that BTS is on a higher level than BLACKPINK.

4. BTS is the top star that appeared after decades in the world. It’s BTS-Pop, not K-Popㅋㅋㅋ

5. Why are people denying BLACKPINK’s achievements here? Because BLACKPINK is only popular in Asia? Aren’t they the top group after BTS?

6. It will be very difficult to have an artist who’s as successful as BTS in the US music market in the next few years..

7. Just be aware that in the US, BTS is not in K-Pop.. Americans are only interested in BTS, not K-Pop

8. I’m a BTS fan, but I really cheer for BLACKPINK… No, why are you guys comparing boy group with girl group?… Please stop it

9. BTS is another class. End.

10. To be honest, I don’t see anyone shaking the US market other than BTS