K-Pop super group ​’SuperM’ is nominated for Grammy Award

The subtitles of the documentary video are uploaded to YouTube Originals account

SuperM has never been nominated for Grammy Award

BTS is the only singer nominated for Grammy Award in Korean music history

original post: theqoo

1. The Birth Of K-Pop? Crazy.. What the hell are they talking about?

2. How did they create this kind of video about K-pop without any knowledge of K-pop?

3. What? Does the word ‘Grammy’ have a different meaning?

4. What is this account doing? Who produced those videos?

5. But what is Billboard’s Grammy?

6. Did they mistake the Billboard 200 for the Grammy Awards?

7. What…… Are you saying that you made a documentary with so much misinformation? What the hell are you doing?

8. I’m a fan of BTS, so I’m so angry…

9. It was not a translation error, it was said from the narrative

10. That group is shameless

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