Kang Daniel and TWICE’s Jihyo break up after over 1 year of dating

On November 10, a representative from JYP Entertainment confirmed to various media outlets that TWICE’s Jihyo (23) has broken up with singer Kang Daniel.

The rep curtly stated, “After confirming with the individual, we’ve learned it’s true that they broke up recently.”

Meanwhile, Jihyo and Kang Daniel first met in 2018 after being introduced to each other by an acquaintance. The two went public with their relationship in August of 2019, and have now broken up after 1 year and 3 months together. cr

original post: theqoo

1. Congratulations to fans

2. 1 year? I feel like they have been dating for 3 years

3. Today is the festival of the fans

4. I hope the two of them live happily in the future! Fighting!!

5. I hope that both will do better in the future

6. I’m not surprised since I have heard breakup rumors long ago..

7. Jihyo fighting! It’s nice to see you working hard these days

8. They are still young, but they can fall in love and break up. Don’t disturb them

9. Now Kang Daniel is mine

10. Well, the two of them had a hard time

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