Kang Daniel “Will Be Filing For Contract Termination With LM, Sorry To The Fans”

Kang Daniel files for contract termination with LM Entertainment

Kang Daniel has applied for the suspension of his exclusive contract with LM Entertainment.
His legal representative shared the following statement on March 21:

On [March] 21, singer Kang Daniel’s legal representative Yulchon LLC submitted an application to the Seoul Central District Court for an injunction against LM Entertainment for the suspension of his exclusive contract.
Yulchon lawyer Yeom Yong Pyo (head of sports entertainment conflict department), who is in charge of this case, revealed, “Without the prior consent of Kang Daniel, LM Entertainment signed joint business contracts that sell Kang Daniel’s exclusive contract rights to third parties. The application for injunction was submitted as [LM Entertainment] completely breached [the terms of] his contract.”
He explained, “The decision for injunction is typically determined quickly in approximately one to two months, and if [the request] is accepted, Kang Daniel can immediately begin independent activities in the entertainment industry.”
He added, “Kang Daniel feels bad that the incident has become a legal [matter] and expresses his deep apologies to the fans who cherish him. He shared his hopes for the incident to be resolved as quickly as possible.”

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Kang Daniel files for contract termination with LM Entertainment
Kang Daniel files for contract termination with LM Entertainment

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1.[+2,701, -36] LM Entertainment didn’t even get Kang Daniel’s consent and went and sign a joint business contract to sell his contract rights to a 3rd party. This directly violates his exclusive contract. Just by looking at this, you can see exactly what his agency is intending to do.

2. [+1,767, -28] Kang Daniel, I’ll support you

3. [+1,228, -23] I’ll wait for you ㅠㅠ we will meet again with a smile

4. [+1,204, -9] I will trust and respect Kang Daniel’s choice <3 The fans will wait for you

5. [+990, -8] No matter what Kang Daniel does, I will support him and wait here. I miss you so much

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