Kang Daniel, first solo debut? Notice live on instagram “We meet tonight”

Kang Daniel, first solo debut?

On June 9, Kang Daniel, through his instagram, wrote: “I’ll see you at 11pm tonight, see you tonight!”

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1.[+3171, -39] Thank you so much, Kang Daniel. I’m worried about the server.

2. [+2146, -17] I’ve waited so long at last. Will it be 11 o’clock tonight?

3. [+1889, -12] Kang Daniel, come on. We’ve always been waiting.

4. [+1628, -12] Daniel, I’ve been waiting a long time. Thank you for not giving up and coming to our side. Let’s go on the flower path.

5. [+1524, -11] Daniel, thank you for holding up the Daniel Festival, and thank you for keeping the time together.

6. [+264, -2] I’m so nervous and happy and emotional. Kang Daniel, how long have you been waiting for? I’m looking forward to today’s brave Kang Daniel, who chose the right path even if he’s going slowly. Above all, I missed you so much and I love you so much, Kang Daniel!!!

7. [+210, -1] Please, Daniel, let me see you at 11 o’clock. Insta server strengthens

8. [+179, -1] Don’t touch me, Daniel, crying

9. [+154, -1] Kang Daniel, I’m crying. Thank you so much. I love you so much.

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