Kang Daniel’s side “The album name ‘color on me’ will be released on July 25th

Kang Daniel revealed his solo debut album name
Kang Daniel revealed his solo debut album name

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1. [+280, -3] Kang Daniel solo debut on July 25Color on Me

2. [+190, -2] Kang Daniel’s ‘color on me’ will be released on July 25th. Oh, this is not a dream. Kang Daniel’s ‘color on me’ is already good. He will chew it on the stage, crying

3. [+111, -1] Kang Daniel’s album name is the best. 10 days left. Happy debut on July 25th. Do whatever you want to do.

4. [+90, -0] The title song is like Kang Daniel’s strong color and strong colors!! 7.25 color on me!

5. [+70, -0] Congratulations on your solo debut. Let’s go on the flower path. Color On Me

6. [+6, -0] The color of the deep sea, like the purple wild flowers in the deep forest, warm and dark, I think it is the same color as Kang Daniel always overcome all difficulties. My favorite thing is the title … color on me … What is the song about? It’s a stormy song.

7. [+4, -0] Kang Daniel, I’ve been waiting a long time. Let’s hit the solo stage!

8. [+3, -0] Kang Daniel, I’m so excited!

9. [+2, -0] I’m looking forward to Kang Daniel’s colorful album.

10. [+1, -0] The album title, Color on Me. July 25th. Kang Daniel’s stage is full of color. I’m looking forward to your performance … I’ll cheer for you so you can shine the best in the world. I’m happy because I’m your fan.

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