Kang Daniel “I take into consideration all the burdens and attacks that come from being solo”

original post: theqoo

1. People are saying you can’t sing, so you deleted the encore videos, right? Looks like you’re avoiding talking about this… As a singer, you should practice singing

2. His image isn’t good anymore. As a singer, he should practice singing harder and humbly accept the criticism. I hope Kang Daniel practices singing hard for his fans

3. People are telling him to practice singing a bit… And he thinks it’s an attack..?

4. Anyway, the fans who liked him were not because of his singing skills…

5. I just want you to practice singing a lot…

6. Next time, I hope you can show your skills

7. Why did you have to delete the encore videos..? TWICE’s encore videos are still there and they’re improving their skills every day

8. Asking the singer to practice singing is the attack?

9. He couldn’t even sing his own song

10. Honestly, you can’t sing. Just admit it and I hope you practice singing hard

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