Kang Daniel’s live today at The Show’s encore

From 1 minute 40 seconds

original post: theqoo

1. I feel ashamed… Nothing different from a few years ago, I guess he didn’t practice singing at all

2. Well, I watched it because I was curious about it, but he should practice singing more…

3. Ordinary people who sing karaoke would be better than him…

4. Wow… What a shock…? What kind of singer is this…

5. He’s a singer..???

6. Shameless, how can he say he’s a singer with that skill?

7. Isn’t it his song?? Why does he sing it like when I choose a song that I don’t know in the karaoke room… He needs to practice..

8. He can’t sing, but even his attitude on stage is bad

9. Are you kidding me? What is it… It’s really bad

10. No skill and no sincerity

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