Kang Daniel’s album is currently #9 in first week sales all time

There are still 3 days left

original post: theqoo

1. And pre-order is 450,000 copies

2. Fans are focusing to break the record.

3. It looks like the final rank is 7 or 6.

4. 99% of Wanna One’s success is thanks to Kang Daniel.

5. Kang Daniel’s fans are trying to buy his album to help him break the record. I don’t think anyone can break the record of 2 million copies of BTS. I think Kang Daniel’s fans want to break it. But can they buy 2 million copies?

6. Honestly, I also don’t really like his fans, but those who despise them because they’re buying a bunch of albums just to set new records for him are exploding with inferiority. Fans are trying their best to put his songs on the charts. I didn’t think that Kang Daniel would do so well, but at this rate, he is quite amazing…

7. I envy the profits he can earn. The idol is really nurtured by their fans.

8. Kang Daniel is great, but please don’t do such bullshit. The other members of Wanna One are also great, so don’t use his record to lower their abilities.

9. What’s this? Are they trying to break solo singer’s sales record?

10. Is Kang Daniel more fans than Wanna One? Kang Daniel is great

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