Kang Daniel, his first solo album dominates global chart .. ranks 1 in 20 countries of iTunes chart

Kang Daniel's first solo album dominates global chart, ranks 1 in 20 countries of iTunes chart

Kang Daniel‘s solo debut album, “Color on Me“, released on the 25th, ranks 1 on iTunes album chart including the US, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Cambodia, Laos and Macao.

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1. [+968, -14] From winter to summer. You come to me like a miracle. From now on, let’s continue. Kang Daniel, I love you.

2. [+758, -9] Congratulations on your wonderful comeback, Kang Daniel. I want to see you more often as an artist.

3. [+624, -5] Kang Daniel’s ‘what are you up to’. It’s a fun song to listen to in summer. I love it.

4. [+513, -5] Congratulations, Kang Daniel.

5. [+70, -0] Kang Daniel, even though the rhythm of this album ‘color on me’ ‘what are you up to’ is not familiar at all, I want to keep listening to it. And the lyrics that are empathetic seem to improve the quality of the album.

6. [+58, -1] I heard that Kang Daniel has a lot of foreign fans and is very popular. I look forward to Kang Daniel’s bright future.

7. [+48, -1] I love all the songs and the songs are very delicate.

8. [+44, -0] The composition of the album is so good and all the songs are great, the title song is so good because it received so much good reviews from the public. I’m so happy. Kang Daniel, thank you for releasing the best quality album in a short time.

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