‘Section TV’ Kang Daniel’s Side “Kang Daniel Never Went To Seungri’s Club Once… The Rumors Are Fake

Kang Daniel's Lawyer Confirms That He Never Went To Seungri's Club

Adding to Kang Daniel’s dispute with his agency, the controversy was amplified when rumors have started involving him to the Burning Sun scandal.

Kang Daniel’s lawyer Sun Jongmoon was asked about whether or not he was involved with the Burning Sun and Sun said “it is not true at all. He has never been to Seungri-sshi’s Burning Sun club. Also, Seungri only went to Wanna One’s concert as a sunbae. I will confirm all the details about the current rumors and take legal actions as soon as everything is finalized.”

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1.[+120, -1] They are just close sunbae-hoobae who went on Radio Star together, the people who took this opportunity to start up rumors about him are seriously evil

2. [+76, 0] You don’t have anything else to say?? The company is notorious for creating rumors for their own artists and get them hate. Don’t you have anything else to do than spreading lies?

3. [+57, -1] I trust and support Kang Daniel!!

4. [+42, 0] Let’s eradicate and sue all journalists who wrote articles based on rumors!! We have to show that not everyone can be a journalist. This is even worse than writing hate comments

5. [+34, 0] Let’s sue them. Kang Daniel, fighting

6. [+9, 0] I hope that they deal strongly with the journalists who wrote malicious reports based on rumors and also the haters who spread these unconfirmed rumors. I hope that the rumors disappear

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