Kang Daniel <3 Jihyo, Recognize devotion … A Witness is UN Village residents “not wearing masks, sorting soju bottles”

Kang Daniel's neighbor reveal details about his date with TWICE Jihyo

The residents near United Nations Village, where their dating, also witnessed Jihyo. A resident told an interview with Yonhap News that “I saw Jihyo a few times, she wore makeup and didn’t wear a mask, call a taxi in front of the villa.”

A resident of a neighboring building also said: “There are people who saw Jihyo sorting out empty delivery food containers and alcohol bottles.”

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1. [+8780, -279] You guys, even if Kang Daniel doesn’t date Jihyo, he’ll never date you, so don’t be angry.

2. [+5115, -219] It was only a short time since his debut. He lives in a luxury villa like that….. unfair reality

3. [+4680, -308] After all, he’s a man, why doesn’t he want to date? He already has his own ATMs who stick money in his account as long as he wears some eyeshadow, squirm around on stage, and sing ‘baby baby~’

4. [+3325, -474] That’s how you repay fans for 470,000 copies for the first time.

5. [+1979, -73] Sort boxes and soju bottles ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+977, -22] Why can’t you go and sort boxes and soju bottles. Why do you make your girlfriend do that?

7. [+938, -28] This guy certainly doesn’t have a long career ahead. It was only a short time since his debut and he was involved in a dating scandal? And that started with Yook Jidam before his debut too …

8. [+628, -21] Kang Daniel’s fangirls are real idiots. They went crazy buying his album while he spent all that money to buy an expensive villa to date Jihyo there.

9. [+605, -19] He is dating a woman like Jihyo and he makes her go and sort boxes and soju bottles. Jihyo needs better standards in men.

10. [+570, -15] “Sort boxes and soju bottles” … she’s a celebrity, why can’t he ask someone else to do it for him?

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