Kangnam, become a Korean citizen .. giving up his Japanese citizenship – prepare for citizenship

Kangnam gives up Japanese citizenship and become a Korean citizen

Kangnam has confirmed that he will be giving up his Japanese citizenship and become a Korean citizen.

His agency has confirmed that he has been working on the process for almost 1 year now.

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1. [+785, -22] Naturalization is more important than military service. Especially when foreigners are naturalized in the current situation. They are not considered enlisted because they are in their mid-30s.

2. [+503, -14] That’s cool. Fighting.

3. [+337, -5] Well, it’s not an easy decision.

4. [+262, -21] Kangnam is a good person, just cheering for him

5. [+85, -2] You will go to the army? It’s definitely a difficult decision, but I don’t think I can support you.

6. [+78, -0] Kangnam made a big decision. Choosing Korean citizenship in this situation. He is already a Korean. I’m cheering for Kangnam.

7. [+50, -3] Stop talking about the army.

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