Park Gyuri, “Went to an Itaewon club, self quarantining since testing negative for the virus… deeply reflecting”

KARA's Gyuri apologizes for going to the club amidst coronavirus concerns

“Hello, this is Park Gyuri.

Regardless of all the reasons, I would like to deeply reflect and apologize for not following the guidelines that everyone should follow during the period of social distancing.

I wore a mask from the moment I entered the club and kept it on until I left. On the day the article about the confirmed case came out, I immediately went to get examined, and I tested negative for the virus. I am currently in self-isolation. Once again, I apologize.” cr

original post: nate

1. [+4482, -89] She was so thoughtless, disrespectful…How could she even be going to the club at a time like this?.. She should tell anyone who’s been in contact with her to go get tested

2. [+3828, -85] She said she was wearing the mask the entire time but someone still recognized her and reported her? I’m pretty sure that it’s dark inside too

3. [+3481, -95] Why do something you know you’ll have to apologize?

4. [+246, -6] She said she was wearing the mask from when she entered until she left? What about when she was drinking alcohol or water? Stop lying

5. [+236, -10] Now let’s reveal the male idol members too. There are rumors that there were both male and female idols at the club, so why only hide and protect the male idol?

6. [+154, -43] Didn’t a BTS member go to the club too??? But it was quiet. Or is that the power of their fandom? It was a mess on Twitterㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+132, -1] There are witness accounts saying they saw her dancing without a mask

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