KARA’s Mister VS IZ*ONE’s Mister Cover

KARA ver

IZ*ONE ver

original post: theqoo

1. IZ*ONE members look rigid and they can’t dance

2. Sakura is the center? Too rigid

3. This comparison is too cruel for IZ*ONE, they can’t dance

4. The difference is huge. Nicole dances so well that she overwhelms the other members

5. I think that the choreographer does not teach them properly.

6. Oh, Nicole is really good at dancing.

7. I didn’t see the skills of Japanese trainees when I watched Produce 48.

8. At least, Hitomi seems good …

9. Hitomi is the best member among the Japanese members of IZ*ONE

10. They really can’t dance … Sakura doesn’t look very good.

11. It seems that IZ*ONE members don’t know how to use their pelvis.

12. Why do you use all Japanese members? You should mix more with Korean members.

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