Kep1er’s teaser is getting a lot of bad reactions right now

Except for the kids, everything is bad..

original post: theqoo

1. What is this???????? Why do the photos look blurry and weird? I wiped my screen;

2. No, I think their hairstyles and makeup are weird too… What’s the concept?

3. It’s just a mess….

4. This is weird, I don’t think it was done by a professional

5. Huening Bahiyyih looks the best

6. Looks like they don’t have any art and visual directors

7. Really? Is this the teaser???

8. IZ*ONE used to be like this so I’m not surprised

9. Huening Kai’s sister was cursed, but I don’t know why she was cursedㅋㅋ She looks the best here

10. The photos are so bad, I was even more shocked when I saw their hairstyles and makeup