“Killing you wouldn’t mean anything to the entertainment industry” Yang Hyun Suk’s truth revealed through investigation

According to the prosecution, Yang Hyun Suk threatened ‘A’ by saying, “I have access to the police reports, you should take back your statement… Killing someone like you is nothing to the entertainment industry…” and “You should be a good kid, do you believe you should be a bad kid?”

original post: theqoo

1. That’s why I never consume YG’s music

2. I can’t consume YG’s music because of this, I keep thinking of Yang Hyun Suk

3. Seriously, such a gangster is representative of the 3rd generation… Disgusting

4. YG’s biggest villain is Yang Hyun Suk

5. Well, it’s beyond my imagination

6. Boycotting YG idols will directly affect sales, but fans will never do it

7. Wow… He’s just a thug

8. Did he threaten Han Seo Hee like that? He’s disgusting

9. I can’t even imagine how dirty YG would be.. Yang Hyun Suk is trash

10. Honestly, I feel sorry for Han Seo Hee.. She’s still too young

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