‘Garo Sero Institute’ YouTube Channel raises allegations of sexual assault by Kim Gun Mo… Agency side, “strong legal action”

Kim Gun Mo to take legal action against YouTube channel alleging s*xual assault

Soon after the news of Kim Gun Mo’s upcoming wedding, the singer is facing sexual assault allegations. On December 6, his label announced, “The suspicions of sexual assault made by Garo Sero Institute are untrue. We’ll be consulting a lawyer about taking legal action for spreading false rumors and defamation of character.”

Kim Gun Mo to take legal action against YouTube channel alleging s*xual assault

Previously, lawyer Kang Yong Suk and former reporter Kim Yong Ho alleged Kim Gun Mo’s sexual assault suspicions on the YouTube channel, and they cited their source as an anonymous woman ‘A.’ According to their allegations, ‘A’ was an employee at an entertainment bar in Seoul, and she alleged Kim Gun Mo sexually assaulted her on the day she met him at the bar. Kang and Kim stated, “Kim Gun Mo arrived alone at 1AM in a Batman t-shirt. He didn’t drink liquor, but ordered soju to drink. The victim drew a plan of the bar’s interior and said Kim Gun Mo was in room 9.”

They continued, “The victim was the 8th woman to enter the room Kim Gun Mo was in, but he told all the other women to leave and told the waiter not to let anyone else in. He then requested the victim come into the bathroom, which was attached to the room in a separate area. He then forced her to commit oral sex. He then put her on the sofa and started sexually assaulting her.”

Kang and Kim further explained, “We asked her why she didn’t scream for help, and she said there were 17 rooms, and no one would hear her. It was important for us to verify the truth, so we secured a lot of evidence. It’s obvious what Kim Gun Mo’s side will respond, so we can’t reveal evidence on broadcast.”

According to the lawyer and former reporter, an official complaint will be filed on December 9 KST. cr

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1. [+15338, -1597] It wasn’t clear why he hastily postponed the wedding but looks like this was why. Bye bye Gun Mo. You’re an old man anyway, so just work on maintaining your healthㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+12136, -297] You can work hard for 40 years and the scariest thing is when you feel you’re at the height of your life, then the karma of the past to come back at you like a boomerang. If you did wrong just face your guilt and retire quietly.

3. [+9260, -359] If you have sinned in the past, just live quietly. Don’t be noisy with your marriage and upset your soon to be bride at a time when she’s supposed to the most happiest and blessed. Seeing as how the wedding got postponed he must’ve tried to get ahead of it but the evidence was too strong.

4. [+5890, -271] Kim Gun Mo’s office is not a place for work but rather a place where women are rotated for sex. The restaurant is located in an underground location and the women were forced to have s*x with him and were sexually assaulted in toilets, etc? Seems like a place of constant anxiety for the women. They must’ve teamed up and decided to report it so that he can no longer hide behind his clean image.

5. [+4809, -111] Playing with a bar girl, then getting married, trying to take someone’s daughter home from an educated family?ㅋㅋ Is he a human?

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