Kim Heechul “What is the most regret? Smoking during school days” (’20th Century Song’)

On the April 16th episode of ’20th Century Song’, they covered the ’90s hip hop song “Comeback Home” by Seo Taiji, and Heechul looked back on his past. He expressed, “I heard it’s a song about his experience as a problem child. As far as I know, Seo Taiji dropped out. I can’t even imagine how it was dropping out at the time.”

When asked about his school days, the Super Junior member responded, “One of the most regrettable things I did in school is smoking. All my bronchial tubes in my lungs are damaged due to smoking.”

He continued, “In 2011 when I was a host on ‘Radio Star’, I said that I regretted smoking during my school days so much. At that time, my younger cousin was in high school. I heard that they posted screencaptures of me saying I regretted smoking around his classroom. My cousin’s friends asked him, ‘Isn’t that your older cousin?’ I still remember that.” cr

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1. Smoking during school days??

2. Sounds like he’s proud of that? Is he stupid?

3. There are a lot of people who don’t know that the comments they write are bad comments… Please stop writing bad comments

4. Why is he talking about this?

5. I think Kim Heechul was brave after watching this broadcast

6. I think I’ve heard about it before

7. In those days, if Kim Heechul lived in Gangwon-do, he went to the supermarket to buy cigarettes

8. That is why he is now a anti smoking ambassador

9. He’s not proud of it, he regrets it

10. Of course he has to regret it, but I think it would have been better if he didn’t say it on the broadcast

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