‘Immortal Song’ Chungha X Kim Jae Hwan, ‘Can I Love You?’ a sweet duet

Kim Jae Hwan and Chungha perform a duet 'Can I Love You?' on Immortal Song 2

On the 11th, on ‘Immortal Song 2‘, Chungha and Kim Jae Hwan performed the duet ‘Can I Love You?‘. Both received compliments with a sweet and emotional voice.

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1.[+354, -5] Kim Jaehwan and Chungha’s performance were so great. Both of your voices are so pretty.

2. [+249, -4] Kim Jaehwan and Chungha on Immortal Song, The stage was so fairy tale. It was so pretty. I need a recording.

3. [+200, -4] Kim Jae Hwan’s 400th episode special was very touching, but this week’s performance with Chungha is great. I look forward to your solo album on May 20.

4. [+137, -2] Thank you for the beautiful performance like fairy! I want to hear it again soon.

5. [+133, -2] Kim Jae Hwan, Chungha, and the two of you performed really well.

6. [+25, -1] It was sweet, chemistry, and fresh! I will look forward to the positive activities of Chungha and the new debut of Kim Jae Hwan!

7. [+17, -0] Kim Jae Hwan’s singing skills are not a joke. If he accumulates more skills in the coming years, I think he will be a great voice. I am looking forward to his debut.

8. [+12, -0] I watched Kim Jae Hwan and Chungha stage so well. It was so beautiful and cool. I hope to see Kim Jae Hwan often in Immortal Song!

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