“Wanna One -> Solo” Kim Jae Hwan confirmed his solo debut on the 20th … first mini album “Another”

Kim Jae Hwan to make solo debut in May, netizens react

Kim Jae Hwan will be making his solo debut with his 1st mini album “Another” on May 20.

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1.[+616, -10] Kim Jae Hwan impressed me with the stage on his ‘Immortal song’, and now he debuted as a solo artist. I expected him to debut solo because he has a great voice. Good luck

2. [+479, -7] Kim Jae Hwan finally made his solo debut, I felt a refreshing feeling from the teaser image. I look forward to your solo debut!

3. [+375, -5] Kim Jae Hwan’s solo album. I’ve been waiting for you. I’m looking forward to the album filled with the voice of Kim Jae Hwan. I’m excited. I’m already so happy.

4. [+351, -3] Kim Jae Hwan. I’m so excited to finally come out with good music!

5. [+301, -2] I got goosebumps. My singer Kim Jae Hhwan is finally coming out with a mini album.

6. [+112, -0] He is finally making a solo debut… I look forward to it.

7. [+68, -0] Kim Jae Hwan, I can’t wait to hear it.

8. [+64, -0] Wow, a new album. I really look forward to hearing Jaehwan’s touching song. Kim Jae Hwan, I’ll cheer you on forever.

9. [+55, -0] I went to Japan with my wife and saw ‘immortal song’. His voice and emotions were great.

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