Kim Jae Hwan was transferred to the hospital for high fever today

Kim Jae Hwan was transferred to the hospital in the afternoon with a high fever.

Kim Jae Hwan said that he had difficulty making his schedule due to the high fever symptoms and cold body, but he tried because the fans waited for his stage.

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1.[+303, -1] Jaehwan, don’t get sick. Your health is the most important.

2. [+204, -2] Jaehwan, don’t get sick. I hope you get well soon. Congratulations on your first win solo debut.

3. [+124, -1] Jaehwan, don’t get sick.

4. [+99, -1] I hope you don’t get sick.

5. [+98, -2] Don’t get sick. Let’s just walk the flower path. Happy 1st place.

6. [+13, -1] Jaehwan, you can rest when you’re sick.

7. [+8, -1] Thank you so much, Jaehwan, for showing up even though he’s sick, but his health is the priority. Don’t get sick.

8. [+6, -0] WIN:Ds are always taking care of your health, so please don’t get sick.

9. [+5, -0] Even though Jaehwan is sick, he performed so brightly.

10. [+5, -0] Kim Jae Hwan told us not to get sick but why are you sick? I felt like my heart was about to break. He is very sick. For a long time he did not take care of his health.

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