“The beauty of live broadcast -> apologizes to Kim Jae Hwan” … MBC’s accident during live broadcast, MC Jang Sunggyu apologizes too [2019 MBC Gayo Daejejeon]

Kim Jae Hwan's performance cut short during 2019 MBC Gayo Daejejeon

During the December 31 broadcast of the 2019 MBC Music Festival, Kim Jae Hwan’s performance was cut short, and MC Jang Sung Kyu gave an apology during the broadcast.

The singer was originally to perform two of his songs, “The Time I Need” and then “NUNA.” However, when “NUNA” started playing, Kim Jae Hwan and his dancers appeared confused and flustered, and they quickly reset to perform “NUNA.”

Following the performance, MC Jang Sung Kyu relayed an apology, saying, “The connection with Jamsil Tower during the live broadcast wasn’t smooth. Putting it in a good way, you could say it’s the charm of a live broadcast, but this absolutely won’t happen again. We ask for your understanding.”

The MC, who then came under fire for calling the mistake “the charm of a live broadcast,” apologized again later in the show, first explaining that the cut-off performance was due to a mistake with the audio. He said, “Because I was so nervous, I wasn’t being considerate of Kim Jae Hwan, who worked really hard in the cold. I’d like to apologize to Kim Jae Hwan and the viewers.” cr

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1. [+6287, -57] I don’t think that it’s right to blame the MC..!! The apology should have came from the people in charge of the live broadcast to the artists. It was so cold so I don’t know why they would make them rehearse if they were gonna treat him like this.

2. [+2645, -25] I hope that we wouldn’t do performances outside in weather below 0 degrees at the end of the year. This wouldn’t have happened if it was in a studio. Even so, they could’ve communicated faster. What a shame.

3. [+2146,-15] All 3 broadcast stations had accidents

4. [+1440, -119] Kim Jae Hwan was good at handling things professionally. Please apologize to Kim Jae Hwan and his fans.

5. [+1028, -15] Why did they do that?… All 3 broadcast stations were so disappointing this year

6. [+357, -3] The MC didn’t know exactly what happened because he was on the air. He only found out about the situation later and apologized again, so I don’t think it’s right to blame him. It’s the broadcast station’s responsibility.

7. [+304, -11] Don’t write the article like Jang Sunggyu did wrong!!!

8. [+153, -3] It’s not his fault. Please make a formal apology from MBC. Fans were waiting in the cold and the singer had a hard time from dawn!!!

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