Kim Jaehwan express his feeling about Wanna One and his individual activities now

Kim Jaehwan talks about Wanna One and his individual activities now

In a recent interview and pictorial with The Star magazine, Kim Jae Hwan reflected on his time with Wanna One and talked about his upcoming solo career.

The singer, who is currently gearing up to make his solo debut after wrapping up his promotions with project group Wanna One, will be gracing the cover of the magazine’s special sixth-anniversary April issue.

Kim Jae Hwan shared, “I’m working hard on my [new] album, and I feel confident about [my music], but I’m curious as to how the general public will feel about it. I hope they can relate to it.”

While discussing his preparations for his solo debut, the idol remarked, “Now that I have to move forward as a solo artist, singing is what’s most important. In terms of changes in my voice, my emotions, and the technical aspects of my singing, I didn’t think that my vocals from Wanna One were enough, so I changed [my technique] a lot.”

Kim Jae Hwan also spoke fondly of his relationship with the other Wanna One members, commenting, “We’re really close, and we have too many good memories together to count.” He added wistfully, “We did everything together, so the fact that we have no choice but to be apart right now feels like a trick of fate.”

“There are so many unforgettable memories,” he continued, “and I remember our final concert so well that it feels like it was just yesterday.”

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Kim Jaehwan talks about Wanna One and his individual activities now

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1.[+519, -9] Kim Jaehwan you looks so cool~

2. [+382, -5] Kim Jaehwan is good at both singing and drawing~ Let’s walk on the flower path an continue to have a good music!

3. [+319, -3] I’m looking forward to Kim Jae-hwan’s The Star! I’m looking forward to your album as a solo artist too.❣

4. [+303, -4] Kim Jaehwan is really the best ㅠㅠ I will wait for your good music!

5. [+262, -2] I will support Kim Jaehwan as solo artist!

6. [+50, -0] Every time I see Kim Jaehwan’s professional interview, I will cry ㅠㅠ I look forward to you in the future.

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