“There is a woman I want to marry” Kim Jong Kook, confess love story

Kim Jong Kook revealed the reason he hasn't been married until now

Kim Jong Kook talks about a past girlfriend whom he had hoped to marry, revealing that he hadn’t been able to find another woman that made him feel the same way since.

Kim Jong Kook, “I had the thought: ‘If I get to marry this woman, I think I’d be so moved that I’d shed tears.’ But since then, no matter whom I imagine myself marrying, I find myself thinking, ‘Would I be that moved by marrying this person?’ There hasn’t been anyone like that since.”

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1.[+2278, -9] Marriage also needs the right time … If you miss someone you want to marry, it’s hard to get married for a long time.

2. [+776, -32] I understand, I also wanted to marry my first love in college, but I can’t meet such a girl after 10 years.

3. [+730, -9] Oh, Kim Gun-mo, Park Soo-hong, Kim Jong Kook also missed one person. Good luck, everyone~

4. [+642, -21] I think Kim Jong Kook himself is a really good person. I hope he has a good relationship.

5. [+397, -15] You will meet someone who is not worth giving you a lifetime, marriage and childbirth. But I think it’s best to break up with such a person without getting married. If the mother of the man I love the most in the world, curses at me, and he stands on the sidelines, and he is around women. If I broke up without getting married, he will still be the best man of my life … The happiest moments in my life … It’s hard not to have any memories because that’s the worst. I think marriage is not about the person you love, it’s about a good person, understanding and caring about each other.

6. [+162, -1] However, the fact that marriage can make the impression disappear. I really didn’t know until I was alive. Forget the end of the novel and meet new people.

7. [+165, -14] I hope you can meet a good person from now on.

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