Kim Junsu “After leaving TVXQ, I couldn’t appear on broadcasts, but I made 100 times more money.”

Kim Junsu said he couldn’t appear on broadcasts, but he made 100 times more money after leaving TVXQ

original post: theqoo

1. I’m not curious about your earnings, so stop mentioning TVXQ!

2. Kim Junsu fighting, I hope you sing more songs in the future

3. After reading the article, I don’t see anything to criticize Kim Junsu, but there are a lot of malicious comments here.. He talks about his work, so why are you writing malicious comments?? I don’t even look at celebrities who I don’t like.. I swear I’m not a fan of Kim Junsu, but you guys look so ugly and pathetic

4. SM, stop using your power to block the activities of singers leaving the agency, SM is disgusting

5. He made 100 times more money.. I guess TVXQ’s contract was a slave contract

6. I’m not a fan, but I hope he’s happy

7. I think it’s thanks to TVXQ that idol contracts are better now

8. I don’t know about TVXQ’s past, but I support the person who won the trial

9. He worked hard. I hope he gets even better in the future!!

10. After TVXQ’s lawsuit, idols’ contracts have been improved