Kim Seon Ho’s ex-girlfriend’s ex-husband “Within three weeks, she brought three men to the house”

“Within three weeks, she brought three men to the house. Three different men. And she would do it on the sofa”

original post: theqoo

1. Kim Seon Ho isn’t good and that woman isn’t good, they match wellㅋㅋ

2. Anyway, Kim Seon Ho can’t change his image anymore

3. Her ex-husband was the victim. I think this woman is so weird, but that doesn’t mean Kim Seon Ho is innocent

4. So what? Kim Seon Ho’s guilt won’t go away

5. But what does that have to do with Kim Seon Ho?

6. What does it have to do with abortion?

7. I’m not curious about the victim’s private life, what matters is what Kim Seon Ho did to the victim

8. It doesn’t change what Kim Seon Ho did

9. Wow, the more I see things like this, the more I hate Kim Seon Ho

10. I don’t feel sorry for that woman, and I don’t want to see Kim Seon Ho anymore