“It’s a relieving feeling” Kim Soo Hyun, Discharged amidst the cheers of 300 female fans

Kim Soo Hyun discharged amidst the cheers of 300 female fans

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1.[+924, -9] Wow ~ He came back even better! Nice to meet you!!

2. [+481, -34] If he chooses his job well, there will be nothing to complain about him …

3. [+430, -16] I remember Kim Soo Hyun, who had a hard time before joining the army. His company should choose a movie well for him. Not something like ‘Real’

4. [+186, -5] Thank you so much! Let’s hurry back with a good piece of work!

5. [+167, -6] He’s still handsome.^^

6. [+57, -0] Wow … his face still looks the same as before … looks like he was born for the army … Other male celebrities came back looking older…

7. [+51, -0] I can’t believe he was serving in the army and come back so well … His acting is great, but his personality is even better. Don’t lose your precious heart. I hope to see it through his work. ^^

8. [+43, -0] Kim Soo Hyun is a top actor. I hope he will be able to play bowling without any trouble and come back soon!!

9. [+42, -0] Actors in general seem to serve in the good army. I think most military issues are singers.

10. [+40, -0] Kim Soo Hyun didn’t participate in national events. He only lives in the army. Other celebrities perform musicals, attend events, and have vacations. They try to do other things more comfortably than to serve the military properly.

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