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“I apologize to (G)I-DLE fans and those who were made uncomfortable when I imitated the foreign (G)I-DLE members’ non-fluent Korean while I was interviewing them on live broadcast. I was absolutely not caricaturing them. I found their passionate intonation cute, so I copied them, but it is clear that many people found this uncomfortable.

Naturally, I contacted their agency and sent them an apology. Due to many mistakes, I am uploading this apology again. In future, I will be more careful in respecting the other person’s position as a host. Thank you for reading this long post.” cr

original post: theqoo

1. Don’t do that in the future

2. I watched the video, and I guessed it would be controversial… I hope he doesn’t do that in the future

3. He was so rude

4. There are too many people in Korea who don’t know it’s rude, so it’s good to apologize

5. I think he made a mistake because he didn’t know, he should be careful with his words from now on…

6. On the contrary, if you see a foreigner imitating the English pronunciation of Korean that way, you will get angryㅋㅋ

7. The kids ask if it’s something to apologize for, imagine they’ve gone abroad and gone through the same things

8. He was so impolite

9. Whatever his intentions, he was rude

10. He apologized, so be careful in the future…

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