Kim Woo Bin and Jo In Sung attend ceremonial event for Buddha’s birthday

Kim Woo Bin appeared after a long time with Jo In Sung

The Buddhist True Network aired news footage from a ceremonial event held for Buddha’s Birthday on May 15.

Actors Kim Woo Bin and Jo In Sung were also in attendance at the event and were shown in the news coverage.

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1.[+525, -3] I’m glad you look healthy. I hope you get well soon.

2. [+170, -2] It’s really nice to see you. I’m happy for you. I hope we can see you in good health soon!

3. [+139, -9] He doesn’t look good. He will soon be healthy and come back in the drama.

4. [+68, -0] It’s good to see you healthy. See you in the next drama.

5. [+41, -0] I can’t wait to see Woo Bin.

6. [+39, -4] Yes, they look like brothers in church.

7. [+17, -0] My favorite actor is very nice to meet you. I always want to see handsome face. But…I can wait. I hope you take care of your health as it won’t be too late to come back after a complete recovery.

8. [+14, -0] Kim Woo Bin, I’m glad you’re getting better. Please make sure you get well and get back on the air. Health is the number one priority.

9. [+11, -0] Jo In Sung’s cute

10. [+9, -0] I’m glad he looks more fat and healthy than when he was pictured with Lee Jong-suk.

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