Isn’t This Pic Of 2NE1 Sad?

Knets Reminisce 2NE1's Days as a Full Group

They all looked so happy..

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1.[+49, -16] I miss 2ne1, f*ck

2. [+46, -21] Reason: YG

3. [+34, -13] We wont’ be able to see this again

Knets Reminisce 2NE1's Days as a Full Group

4. [+25, -5] It’s because YG hasn’t dealt with Park Bom’s meds case properly that it turned out like this. If Park Bom really did drugs, would you think that Sandara Park would have featured in her song? And would you think that the members would have sent her flowers? Her case must have gotten cleared up. The other members don’t seem to be involved with drugs either. I support them

5. [+15, -3] A group that YG ruined

6. [+10, -0] If YG dealt with Park Bom’s case properly, they wouldn’t have disappeared like this

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