BTS Suga and V in the gym ㄷㄷ

Unexpectedly, Suga‘s chest muscles

V’s body is firmer. He is handsome without makeup.

original post: theqoo

1.Is that really Suga? unbelievable …………

2. Wow, this is deabak. Great

3. That is really the best thing. They seem to be working hard.

4. Suga is exercising very hard.

5. V is a real sculpture.

6. I will sue Min Yoongi. Wait and see.

7. Why do they exercise with such a handsome face? This is crazy.

8. Suga? I was really surprised.

9. I’m looking at Suga’s muscles …….. !!! And what is Taehyung’s face …….

10. Suga’s skin is too white.

11. Suga is a real surprise … I heard that he doesn’t like to sweat or exercise, but I think it’s because of his schedule, so he needs to keep his health.

12. They are so handsome .. I’m surprised by Suga .. good.

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