The title song of girl groups of TOP 3 entertainment agency this year



Red Velvet – Zimzalabim

original post: theqoo

1.Fancy is the best.

2. Kill This Love is a great song that anyone can hear, but why is it here?

3. Isn’t ‘Fancy’ the most popular song? It ranks stable on music charts.

4. I like Zimzalabim.

5. I like ‘Fancy’ the most.

6. Kill This Love and Fancy is completed with good scores on views / rankings, but Zimzalabim is … I don’t know.

7. The more you listen to Fancy, the more addictive it is.

8. Isn’t ‘Kill This Love’ too obvious? It is the best ranking song in the world by the current Kpop girl group.

9. Kill This Love >> Fancy >> Zimzalabim

10. Fancy is perfect. I personally don’t like idol songs but I like this song.

11. BLACKPINK is very popular with the concept of Kill This Love … Fancy is very good, but it is not enough what I expected from TWICE, and popularity is lower than previous songs. Red Velvet comeback with a new concept,I look forward to seeing how popular the song will be.

12. I like all 3 songs.

13. Fancy >> Kill This Love >> Zimzalabim

14. I think Fancy is the best

15. I like TWICE’s Fancy. I continue to listen to the song these days.