GFRIEND’s new song “Fever” Official M/V

original post: theqoo

1.The members are so beautiful and good song.

2. Good song

3. The choreography and the song are a bit different from the previous GFriend songs. Good

4. Good song but a bit sad. It seems good to listen in the summer.

5. Everyone is beautiful. The song is good but the latter half is a bit boring. The song is better than my expectations and the music video is also good.

6. I like this style and concept of GFriend, but the song doesn’t seem very good. I’m not addicted to GFriend’s songs this time.

7. The song itself is not bad, but it is not what everyone expected.

8. This song is my hobby.

9. Nice song

10. Good song, I think the song will be popular.

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