BTS V acting a scene in the drama ‘Moon Embracing The Sun’

Better than I thought

original post: theqoo

1.It sounds better because he has a good voice.

2. I want to see him acting as soon as possible

3. He has a good voice and his appearance is great.

4. The way he acted with voice and face was very good

5. I want to see him in a drama.

6. His face is handsome, but his voice is also good.

7. He has a handsome face, but his voice is also crazy

8. Good acting.

9. He suddenly did that, but I think if he learns acting, he will be a talented actor.

10. Voice is not the only thing in acting, but his voice is really good. It’s perfect if he leaves a legend about a movie in his 20s, but it’s bad when he’s a busy world star.

11. It sounds better than I thought and I think he will do well if he learns acting … But it looks like he’s too busy to do it.

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