Even BTS ‘BTS WORLD’ game, OSTxMV also received great attention

Knetz talk about BTS WORLD OST

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1.[+265, -0] The music video is really amazing.^^

2. [+212, -9] BTS’ Heartbeat song is so good. The music video was very moving, and Jimin’s voice was impressive. Dream glow is another color. Once I heard it, it kept ringing in my ears.

3. [+143, -0] Heartbeat is really good. I think it’s not a game ost, it’s a title song for a full album. I’m touched.

4. [+93, -1] Did they prepare this 2 or 3 years ago? What is Big Hit’s plan strength?

5. [+69, -0] One world! BTS is creating a new world not only in music but also in the gaming industry!

6. [+30, -7] BTS Heartbeat, What kind of game OST is so good? I’m crying. Jimin’s title song “Cake Waltz” is perfect for the lovely Jimin.

7. [+28, -5] All BTS WORLD OST are good. I personally like Jimin’s title song, Cake Waltz, because it’s cute and pretty.

8. [+26, -4] BTS Jimin’s title song, “Cake Waltz”, is so great that it’s an art game ost song. Jimin, I love you.

9. [+24, -5] I like BTS’ Heartbeat. The music video is good and quality. Jimin’s title song, ‘Cake Waltz’ made me feel better.

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