Knowing Bros ratings yesterday

Guest: Aespa

original post: theqoo

1. Hul, I’m surprised it’s lower than I thought

2. Because Aespa isn’t a fun group and they aren’t even a popular group

3. I haven’t watched the show, but I have searched all the videos for Aespa’s part. It’s not because of Aespa, Knowing Bros isn’t fun these days

4. It’s the only variety show I watch, but I didn’t watch yesterday’s episode because they’re rookies, I don’t know who they are.. If an idol I don’t know well appears on Knowing Bros, I skip that episode

5. First of all, people don’t know who they are, and because they’re rookies…

6. It’s not fun and people don’t know who Aespa is, so the ratings are low..

7. Now the guests aren’t the problem, the show itself is too boring

8. Stop blaming idols for the show’s ratings every time they appear

9. Knowing Bros isn’t fun these days

10. Who watches it except the fans?

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