Korean comments in English under JTBC’s tweet about ‘Snowdrop’…

Many foreign fans commented on JTBC’s tweet about ‘Snowdrop’, and as a result, Korean fans wrote a lot of comments explaining in English

original post: theqoo

1. Don’t get entangled in someone else’s country

2. Most of them are fans of BLACKPINK, stupid people who want to see Jisoo’s acting

3. I’m so angry, why do Koreans have to do this in 2021?

4. They are idiots who can’t think because their brains are empty

5. I think Jisoo’s Korean fans will be the one to suffer the most ㅠㅠㅠ

6. Please respect the history of Korea. Your favorite singers are free to promote because there was a democracy movement in the past

7. I’m not an anti, I like the BLACKPINK members, but Jisoo makes me feel frustrated now

8. Do they think they know more about Korean history than Koreans? BLACKPINK fans are crazy

9. Koreans are boycotting Korean dramas, but why are foreigners so crazy?

10. Shut up if you don’t know

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