BTS’ fans in France “Otuskare” … Controversy about support in Japanese

Korean fans are angry because French fans support BTS in Japanese

At the concert of BTS in Paris, there was a debate about the support of local fans in Japanese.

On the 4th, a picture on Twitter about what is supposed to happen at the BTS concert in Stade de France, Paris on June 7 and 8. In the photo, “Otuskare Samadeshita“, a notation Japan means “I have worked hard”. There is also a tag called ‘otsukarechallenge‘ to encourage others to join together. The Korean Army (the ARMY, fans of BTS), who saw this photo proved to be dissatisfied. Not polite to cheer in Japanese during the Korean singer BTS performance. In particular, with the historical relationship between Korea and Japan, this event has more meaning to ‘ridicule’ than ‘cheering’. Some fans said, “What is this bizarre event? Do you think BTS is Japanese? It is a very rude event. If you want to do such an event, find a Japanese singer. “They write in English and ask to stop this event, leaving a tweet for the agency of BTS, Big Hit.”

Korean fans are angry because French fans support BTS in Japanese

Some French fans said: “This event is a story about a few people who are joking. I told Korean fans that I am sorry”. Big Hit Entertainment has no official announcement about the controversy.

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1.They are making me uncomfortable.

2. That’s stupid … huh. Anything joking out of your mouth is beyond your stupidity, and it’s too rude for singers.

3. Why did they write Otuskare? They didn’t know BTS was a Korean singer even if they were fans of BTS.

4. Are they crazy?

5. Is a handful of BTS fans right? No, they do not know the nationality of their favorite artists. ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ And they said they were fans.

6. There are many stupid kids in Europe.

7. It’s crazy … it’s not fun to think about that.

8. I don’t like westerners because of this. BTS has encountered many difficulties because of Japanese madmen.

9. That’s just a few fans. I think French fans don’t like that.

10. What is this for? That’s just a handful of fans, and French fans say they absolutely don’t do it. Where is the debate and why should the agency make an official announcement again? Reporter is crazy.

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